WARNING: You can only tranfer/register domains with Savvii if you have a hosting package with us.

1. Transfercode and DNS records

To transfer a domain to Savvii you only need a transfercode. You can get a transfercode at your current domainregistrer.
We strongly advice you also make a copy or screenshot of your current DNS records before you continue transferring your domain.

When you have the transfercode and have made a copy of your DNS records you can start the order process through your account  

2. Order Process

Insert the domainname you wish to transfer and select the transfer button below.

Add the requested information such as the transfercode, a legalform and a company registration number depending on your situation.


3. Nameservers

When you transfer your domain to Savvii we will copy the nameservers you are currently using to prevent a sudden loss of connection to your website. After this order process you can change the nameservers to our nameservers and use the DNS records you setup with Savvii in the next step. If you have a service such as Cloudflare or use your own nameservers you can fill these in during this step of the order process. 

4. Completing the transfer

Complete the order process. WIth some TLD's (.NL, .COM) de transfer will only take a few minutes. With other TLD's (.BE, .NET, .ORG) there might be a follow email going to your current domain admin's email, asking to confirm the transfer. In these cases the transfer might take longer to complete.

After the transfer is complete you can start editing your DNS records to match the settings you've copied from the old register. You can continue with the next support artikel: