WARNING: You can only set DNS records through our system if you use our nameservers. If you use different nameservers the DNS is not managed through Savvii. (Example, Cloudflare) 

1. Setting up the Nameservers 

After the transfer your current nameserver will be coppied. When the transfer is complete you can change them in the https://billing.savvii.com portal

Our standard nameservers are:


2. Adding DNS Records 

Navigate to DNS management to setup the different types of DNS records needed. If you followed our instructions you should have a copy of your current DNS settings which you can add one by one.

After adding a new record you will be prompted to add the value's needed for a specific record.

There is also the possibility of importing your zone (DNS Records). This can be done via file or through the nameservers. You'll have to ask your old register if they can supply you with either the file or acces for a specific IP adress mentioned.

If you have any further questions you might find these support articles usefull. 

Having problems or a technical questions you can't find the answer to? Send us an email on support@savvii.nl or create a new support ticket.