Changelog May 2018

A lot of work has gone into getting ready for the GDPR introduction this month as well as the preparation to start implementing two new, often requested, features: SSH and making it possible to download your backups. In addition, we had some last-minute maintenance to our firewalls. Keep reading to know more.




In the past month we focused on GDPR compliance. Although we already were on the right track  thanks to our ISO 27001 certification, we formalised the lasts steps for full compliance. 


SSL cypher suite updated


We are always tweaking our SSL cypher suits to make sure we only support the most secure and up-to-date cyphers. This helps our clients to communicate with their visitors over HTTPS with the optimal settings and maintain an A+ rating at SSLlabs for their certificate.


Staging feature


Great news! Upon request from many of our customers, we decided to extend the lifecycle of a staging environment from 14 days to 30 days. This will give our customers more time to test the changes they want to make on production. Happy staging!


Proof of concepts for two new features


After gathering the requirements for  “downloading backups” and “SSH access for all customers” last month we started with a proof of concept of both features this month. Both POC’s are successfully finished and we started developing on the "downloading of  backups" feature. Our internal API endpoints, as well as the screens for our control panel, are ready. We plan to release this feature in the coming weeks. After that our focus will shift to SSH access.


Bug fix in the Savvii migration plugin


We noticed in some scenarios that the Savvii plugin could not be activated after a site was migrated with our Savvii migration plugin. We fixed this issue so customers migrating to Savvii also have our plugin activated by default. 


If you have any questions, let us know  via and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Of course, we always strive to develop new features for you even faster. That is why we are currently looking for back-end developers for our team. Are you a back-end developer or do you know one? Please  let us know!




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