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When running an application you would like to inform your customers with information through email. You might also like to receive emails containing statistics or updates regarding your application. As a hosting company we provide this possibility with a local SMTP server which can be used using the default PHP function mail().

Since mail, domain and ip reputation are very important we relay our email through Flowmailer. They will monitor outgoing mails and inform us when a lot of mails are being tagged als spam/unwanted to keep reputation up. They also change outgoing ip's so should an ip get blacklisted, mail will still be delivered through another ip. Flowmailer is GDPR/AVG compliant and is ISO 27001 certified.

To ensure the best email delivery result

Make sure you have an SPF record containing the following include:spf.magehost.pro to ensure mail not being blocked by receiving mailservers. In our SPF record we include the servers from FlowMailer and our own network.

DKIM is supported on your sending domains, but there need to be a few DNS records created to activate this. Please contact us to enable DKIM and provide you with the necessary DNS records.