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The PHP OPcache increases the performance of your shop by caching processed PHP source code in memory. The MageHost servers are configured to re-read a script when it is changed.

However if you use a deploy method which switches to a new version of the code by replacing a symlink to a new release, PHP does not detect the change. This will cause strange things to happen.

If you use a deployment method which changes one ore more symlinks to point to the new version of the PHP code, you will need to flush the OPcache.

Easy & Recommended: Reload PHP using SSH

Execute this line in SSH, or preferably, in a script after the deploy to flush the PHP OPcache:


Note: if you are running our mh_queue_consumer.service, this will also be restarted with above script.

Advanced: Web Script

Create a file ~/httpdocs/flush_php.php containing:

echo "OK";

You can call this script in a browser or you can call it in an SSH shell:

curl -Lk "https://$VHOSTDOMAIN/flush_php.php"

In case this does not work because of domain issues, you can try:

curl -Lk "http://$VHOSTIP/flush_php.php"

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