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We support free SSL Certificates from Let's Encrypt. Most of our customers use these, they work as good as Comodo or RapidSSL certificates.

EV Certificates

If you want to show your company name in the address bar of the browser, you need an EV Certificate. To be able to get an EV Certificate, the official name of your company must exactly match the owner of the domain name. If the domain is used for another country than the home country of your company, showing your official company name in the address bar may have an opposite effect, because visitors will see the company behind the domain is outside their own country.

Do you sell EV certificates?

We don't sell EV Certificates, but you can ask us to generate a CSR File. With this CSR file you can buy an EV Certificate, for example at Xolphin. You can then supply us with the certificate file for us to install it on your account.

Let's Encrypt Certificate

Update the DNS of the domain you want a Let's Encrypt Certificate for

  1. Check the current TTL (Time To Live) of the DNS records. For a live domain, also check the www subdomain.
  2. Set the TTL of the DNS records to 300 seconds
  3. Wait the time of the previous value of the TTL to make sure the DNS is no longer cached anywhere.
  4. Update the DNS of the domain to the IP of the hosting account. For live domains we recommend to make sure the www subdomain is a CNAME pointing to the main domain.
  5. Check the DNS is resolving to the IP of our server

Afterwards you can very easily add domains to the certificate using our mhcli tool:

mhcli  ssl:domains:add  {domain1}  {domain2}

This command checks your domain settings and if they pass, it adds your domain to the certificate. Since we check a lot of points against the original name server (CAA, IPV4/IPV6, validation with a file,...), the command might have a small delay depending on how fast our queries get a response.

Warning: when swapping domains, please make sure you add the new domain to the certificate before removing the A/AAA record. Use mhcli ssl:domains:remove after the add.

For more information regarding the use of our mhcli tool, check our MageHost tooling for Savvii article.

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