MageHost - How to I switch to MageHost

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Disclaimer: MageHost has joined forces with Savvii. Therefore, these articles are only relevant to existing MageHost customers. For more information on this, visit  

This is the normal process, but you can always ask us to do thing different.

  1. You let us know which hosting package you are interested in and within what timeframe.
  2. We need to know the login details of your current hosting. We prefer SSH access.
  3. It also helps if you give us access to your DNS settings. Yes, we will be careful.
  4. We create the hosting account.
  5. We copy your current site and work through our performance optimisation checklist.
  6. First we will do some testing ourselves
  7. You can test the new hosting. We may ask you to configure a "staging" hostname in your DNS or you can test using the 'hosts' file. No worries, if these things are complicated for you we will help.
  8. When everything is working we will appoint a date with you the make the real switch.
  9. The real switch can be executed during the night so your customers won't notice any downtime.
  10. At the time of the real switch we will:
    1. Sync your media files once again
    2. Put both your old and new hosting in 'maintenance' mode
    3. Start a backup of the database on your old hosting
    4. Change the DNS to point your domains to our hosting
    5. Import your database once again on our hosting
    6. Take the new hosting out of 'maintenance' mode
    7. Test the "happy flow" of your shop
    8. Let you know we are finished
  11. After we finished, please carry out some more extensive tests to make sure all ins and outs of your shop are working. If there are any problems, please let us know, we will be quick to respond.

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