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Mailings or mail as a crucial part of your site
Savvii offers standard mailing functionality. We set outgoing email limits to protect our server and your domain name from sending spam. We have the following limits:

SMTP connections per minute: 5
SMTP connections per hour: 30

When e-mail handling is crucial for you or your site, we strongly advise you to use a separate SMTP service (see below). These services are specialized in achieving a high mail-delivery grade and also offer additional features such as statistics on how often a mail has actually been read or which articles from a newsletter your customers have viewed the most. Talking about newsletters; we do not accept them on our servers. For this we really recommend the aforementioned SMTP services.

If you exceed the limits with your site, your mail will be placed in a queue on the server. The server will try to send the mail again on a regular basis. If you suspect that your site is running into these limits, you can contact the support desk to check it out.

SMTP Services
Each service has its own specialties. Choose mainly based on your type of website. Most of these services offer free (trial) accounts.

For sending mail from your website which you host at Savvii, WordPress uses the PHP-mail function by default. Using this PHP function, the Savvii server sends all outgoing mail from your website (e.g. from a contact form) via an external SpamFilter to the outside. This ensures that no unwanted SPAM from your site can go outside, e.g. by a security leak in one of your plugins or installed theme.

To be able to send e-mail via this Spamfilter authentication takes place which is arranged at server/site level. Our PHP configuration is set up in such a way that it will send you the correct username for logging into the Spamfilter.

So it is important when using the PHP mail function not to overwrite the <MAIL FROM:> field in the mail header*. This will overwrite the PHP configuration with which your site logs on to the Spamfilter and therefore no mail can be sent.

If you still want to change the sender field of the email you want to send, you have to change the <ENVELOPE-FROM:> field.

* A number of plugins (such as Mailpoet, or Quform) allow you to set: "Email return address for invalid email" or "Email address for undeliverable email". Leave these fields empty. The plugins will overwrite the <MAIL FROM> header and there is a big chance that your mail will not be sent correctly. This is also detrimental to the SPAM score your mail will get.

Our servers use a centralized outgoing mail server with spam filtering. To send mails about these systems, the servers where your site(s) are located are connected to the outgoing mailserver. The mails from your site are sent under the name sites.savviihq.com. This domain has an SPF record so that sending over our own outgoing mailserver is no problem. However, this can cause problems for some systems that forward mails if the forwarding mailserver tries to maintain this domain. It is possible that the e-mails you send out end up in spam boxes. To avoid and tackle this problem we recommend to add the following SPF record to the DNS of the domain from where you sent e-mails:

v=spf1 include:sites.savviihq.com a mx ~all

If you already have a SPF record setup for your domain, you don't have to add the whole SPF record shown above. Simply add include:sites.savviihq.com to your already existing SPF record, and you're set. 

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