Create and manage a staging environment

Modified on Tue, 18 Jan, 2022 at 6:26 PM

With our staging environment you can easily and quickly create a test environment where you can develop and/or modify your site without disturbing the visitors of your production site. The staging and production sites are both hosted on the same platform and are identical in terms of technology, with the exception that your staging site cannot mail. You can only have one active staging site per site and this exists for a maximum of four weeks after which it will be removed.

Please note that staging only works with our standard WordPress configurations. If you use a configuration that adapts the folder structure of your WordPress installation, staging will not work. This also includes a multi-site configuration!

Please note that if you use an sFTP-whitelist, it will be synced once to the staging site during creation. If you want to add IP addresses to the whitelist on the staging environment later, you can let support know.

1. To activate your staging environment, log in to our control panel and click on "Manage" for the package in question. Then click on the "staging" tab:
2. Then click on the "Create staging site" button:

3. Wait until our servers have created the environment and copied the production site:

4. Your staging environment is now created. You will now see the details of the site including: the system name, date of creation, expiry date and the sFTP data. You can also change your PHP version here. You can now get started with your staging environment!

5. When you have finished testing on your staging environment you can

- Remove the staging environment, or:
- Merge the staging environment on and with the production environment. You can do this with the "Merge Staging with Production" button. In the next screen you can choose exactly what you want to merge with the production environment.

6. After the merge is finished you will be asked if everything went well or if you want to restore a backup. Use this moment to determine if the merge went well or if you want to restore a backup. You can do this with the "RESTORE" button.

If you have any questions regarding staging, please contact support.

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