How much space does my site take up?

Modified on Thu, 03 Feb 2022 at 06:46 PM

Our hosting packages offer an amount of disk space based on the package. For example, an entry-level package has 250 MB of disk space and a VPS 20 has 160 GB of space. But how can you see for yourself how much space you use?

Here are several possibilities, with the first solution via you can find the total size of the website. With the other methods you can also find the size of an individual directory.

Through you can get an indication of the size of your website. After logging in to, click on  the relevant site. You choose the tab "Backups", here you see an overview of all the backups with their size.


Through it is also possible to view the statistics of your website. This can be done by navigating to the "Statistics" tab. Here are the CPU load and Network load of your website for the last hour or the last 4 hours visible. The CPU load can be requested per minute, per 5 minutes or per 15 minutes. In addition, the disk space of the website, the total package and the server itself are

2. Filezilla
The method described here applies to the FTP program Filezilla. This is the most popular FTP program. We assume that you are already connected and in the root directory of your site. Filezilla itself does not offer a default option to see the total size of a folder and all subfolders, but there is a small workaround for it.

Once you are logged in via sFTP you will see the "wordpress" folder:

Right click on the "wordpress" folder and then click on "Add files to queue":

Filezilla will now add all files in the "wordpress" folder to the queue. When this is done you can see in the lower right corner of Filezilla how much space the files in the queue take up:

The queue is normally used to indicate which files will be downloaded. However, just adding will not do anything with it. You can just close Filezilla again without anything happening to the files. Note that if you perform previous actions twice without emptying the queue, the size of the site will be calculated to double the number of files in this queue. So if you want to do a new measurement you have to empty the queue first (or restart Filezilla).

Other programs offer easier and more difficult ways to see the total (sub) contents of a folder. You can do this on the forums / website of the program you are using. Also a quick search on Google often results in interesting results.

3. SSH
SSH access is only possible (in beta) on VPS accounts and is not currently active by default, create a ticket via if you want to join the beta.

When connected to via SSH it is possible to see the total size of a folder, you can then use the following command:

$ du -hs <mapnaam>

All of the commands below are executed from the directory you arrive at when you log in via SSH, you can check this by running "pwd". The output will look like this:

Total size WordPress installation:

$ du -hs wordpress/current

Total size uploads folder:

$ du -hs wordpress/current/wp-content/uploads

Total size uploads split by year (default configuration of WordPress:

$ du -h --max-depth=1 wordpress/current/wp-content/uploads

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