When you request a package from Savvii, you are known to us as a contact person and you have login details for our management portals. If several people are working on a site or package, you can register additional contacts with us.

1. Before you can register contacts, you must first log in to billing.savvii.nl.
This information is identical to admin.savvii.nl. Can't log in? See this article for information.
Then navigate via the menu to "Manage contacts".

2. Add a new contact by clicking on "Add new contact".

3. Add contact details to new contact
Please fill in all required fields for the new contact. The password that you can set for the new contact will not be sent to the new contact by e-mail.

4. Set the rights for the new contact.
If you want the new contact to only be able to log in to admin.savvii.nl (the controlpanel for sites), then you only need to tick "Details" under the site name.
When you check all options under a site, the new contact can also make cancellations, upgrades and other administrative changes.

5. Saving contact
After clicking on "Submit", the new contact will receive an e-mail with general information about our administration portals and the e-mail address you have set to log in with.

Important points to take into account:

  • The new contact can set a password via billing.savvii.nl, via ''Forgot your password?'' .
  • If the e-mail address of the new contact is already known in our system, it is not possible to add it again.