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Savvii is available for support questions by phone, chat, mail and ticket.  

In order to be able to answer your questions as fully as possible, it is useful if you have a number of things in mind before you contact us. We can look up a lot, but we don't know what you see, hear and experience. That is why we would like to hear from you as clearly as possible. 

Privacy and data security

We may not provide information to, or make changes for, strangers. If you contact us, please make sure that you do so from an e-mail address or telephone number that is known to us. You can add e-mail addresses and phone numbers to your account on our billing portal.  

Is your site inaccessible or does it contain errors?

 If you contact support, we need the following information:

  •  What has recently been adapted to the site?  
  •  What is the exact error message, can you find something in the error log? Can you get more information from the error message using this manual? 
  •  We would like to hear a date and time since when you see this error message.  
  •  From which IP address did you visit the site when you saw the error message? 

Do you have a question about invoicing or administration?

Many things, such as requesting or cancelling packages, you can arrange yourself on our billing portal. Do you still need help from support with a financial question? Make sure you have your customer number and/or invoice number at hand. 

What can we and can't help you with?

As a hosting party, we primarily provide support on hosting and what that involves. We leave the development of sites and solving problems that are deep in a site to our customers and their developers. This is because every site is different and there are thousands of plugins and themes. Because of this diversity it is not workable for us to live on a deep level of support on websites themselves. Of course we can always look for error messages to point you in the right direction. 

Simply put: we provide and manage the platform on which you, as a customer, can build, develop and operate your website.  

Do you have a general question about us or our product?

Please contact us!

Contact methods

  •  Send us a ticket
  •  Send us an email at 
  •  Start a chat via the chat option at the bottom right of this page. 
  •  Call us on +31 24 820 00 00   

Support is available on

Monday - Thursday: 08:30 till 17:30h

Friday: 08:30 till 17:00h  

Emergencies outside opening hours

For customers with at least one VPS One package, we offer the possibility to contact us 24/7 in case of an emergency via a separate telephone number. You can find this number as follows: 

  •  Log in to  
  •  Click on 'manage' at the end of your site.  
  •  Go to the tab 'Overview'. 
  •  Click on 'Show 24/7 emergency number'.  

 *Emergencies are events in which your site or server is not accessible to visitors due to a hosting or infrastructure failure. In case of misuse of the emergency number we can charge €75 (excl. VAT).

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