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Modified on Thu, 03 Feb 2022 at 10:14 PM

When will I receive my invoice?

You will normally receive your invoice from us on the 1st day of the new month. At that time, we will invoice you the subscription for that month. If you order a package from us during the month, you will receive an invoice when you place your order.

Why does my first invoice differ from the selected monthly amount?

If you order a product from us halfway through the month, you will receive an invoice in proportion to the number of days you can use the product in that month. As of the 1st of the following month, we will send you a new invoice with the full monthly amount.

How can I pay my invoice?

You can opt for direct debit so that you don't have to worry about payments. You will receive the invoice notification by e-mail with the date on which we will execute the direct debit.

Don't want a direct debit? On the invoice you will find our account information by default so you can make the payment yourself. This can be done via Mollie, Paypall, bank transfer, iDEAL and credit card.

If you log in via our billing portal you will find an overview of all invoices including iDEAL payment options.

Not yet a customer? With your first order you can pay your invoice with iDEAL, Credit Card, Sofort Banking or Bancontact. When placing the order, you have the possibility to authorize us to automatically debit future invoices. 

If you already have an account with us, you can change your payment method at any time by logging into your customer portal.

Direct debit

Make it easy on yourself and set up direct debit. Log in to the customer portal and register the bank account number on which we can collect the invoices from that moment on. Direct debit normally takes place around the 5th working day after the invoice is sent. 


Paying with iDEAL is free and easy. Use the link you get from us when you receive the invoice or log in to the customer portal.

Credit card and PayPal

Prefer not to pay via iDEAL or direct debit? We also accept credit card and Paypal payments. If you pay from abroad, we also support Sofort Banking & Bancontact. 

How do I set up direct debit?

When you log in to our billing portal, select the option "Account" in the menu at the top of the page. In the drop-down menu that appears, you will then see "Direct Debit". Fill in the requested details, we will receive and process your direct debit authorisation and will then collect the due subscription costs from your account number.

The direct debit failed, what now?

When the direct debit has failed you will receive an email from us. In this mail we ask you to pay the invoice manually within 5 working days. Log in to your customer portal to pay the invoice via iDEAL, credit card or PayPal.

What if I don't pay my invoice on time?

Savvii uses a payment term of 14 days. If we haven't received your payment by the 16th day, we will send you a reminder by email. Always make sure your correct email address is known to us, because you will only receive this reminder by email. 

If we have not received your payment on the 25th day, we will send you a final payment reminder. Please note: this payment reminder is also an announcement of the suspension of our services. So make sure you pay the invoice as soon as possible.

If no payment follows 7 days after the 2nd reminder, we will block access to the backend of the website. We will notify you by email and give you instructions on how to pay the invoices. After receipt of the payment we will lift the blockade. 

If we do not receive a response and/or payment after the backend has been blocked, we will suspend the frontend of your website 7 days after the backend has been suspended. The website will then no longer be accessible to visitors.

If we do not receive a response and/or payment after blocking the frontend, we will cancel your account 7 days after the frontend suspends. This means that Savvii will discontinue the service. You run the risk that all the data you have with us will be lost. You will be notified by us. 

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